Home Inspection Checklist When Buying A Home In Toronto TIP # 1

Dated: May 12 2020

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When doing a home inspection, you will first need to consider the broad strokes and larger picture details for the home. That is being inspected. You will want to take note of the area the home is located in.

This information is important since this comparison can provide some insight into possibly how well maintained the home that is being inspected might be.

When doing a home inspection, first you will look at the home’s exterior including the lawn, garden, and yard as applicable, considering the building it is in, inspecting the home’s exterior before moving inside and inspecting the home’s interior.

Exterior Inspection

When doing an exterior inspection, you will start at the exterior front of the home, working your way around the home’s exterior, moving in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, at enough of a distance which will allow you to comfortably and easily view the complete face of a home.

As your gaze moves down the exterior of the home you would notice the exterior wall coverings for example, (stone, wood, and aluminum), noting the presence, of windows, doors, etc.

Exterior Walls

Here you will want to check and see if you if there is any damaged or missing siding, cracks. 


If the foundation is not visible for the exterior of a house and this is usually the case, the inspector won’t be able to directly check the foundation. However, they will be able to look for secondary evidence of foundation issues such as cracks or settling.


Your home inspector will let you know whether or not if there is a grading slope if it is sloping away from your home, as it should or towards your home.

Garage Or Carport

Specifically, for garages, these should be inspected for the slab, walls, ceiling, vents, entry, firewall, garage door, garage door openers, receptacles, the garage’s exterior, the garage’s windows, and the garage’s roof.

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